Doc 2d Gr.

When I joined them, I had a personal project, born of my then-findings: The classes of records of communication had slowed considerably, as if the comrades were held back by a feeling of reluctance to show the work in music their class. It must be said that in this area, it is easy to dismiss as soon as shocking habits. Even in the Freinet Movement, I have had the bitter experience!

In recent years, teens and young adults have become big consumers of music productions of all kinds, their musical practice has increased. There is the worst and the best, but in the end the range of listening skills was expanded opportunity to seize … Despite this reservation comrades whom I spoke, I noticed in my department for audiovisual courses, as recordings and other works did exist. He then seemed useful to me to try to get them out, to value.

For this, I remember almost broken in two comrades and I can still see my hand reaching toward the bag-in-class productions cassettes (CE1, school Blagnac) including Claude Curbale showed me the content I wanted to … Continue reading “Doc 2d Gr.”